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Asia Pacific International School’s Visit to ASEAN-Korea Centre

March 13 marked the 10th Anniversary since the founding of ASEAN-Korea Centre (AKC), and the day where 25 students and 5 teachers from Asia Pacific International School came to visit the ASEAN Hall. In lieu of the special occasion, various activities were conducted such as the “ASEAN Golden Bell Quiz”, a sing-along of “Satu-satu”, a popular Indonesian children’s song, and the decorating of “Non La”, which are traditional Vietnamese bamboo palm leaf conical hats. We also had 3 of the Centre’s ASEAN officials taking part in the program with Mr Nongchith Khambounheuang, Head of Trade and Investment (Laos) delivering the welcoming address and introductory briefing on ASEAN and the Centre, Mme. Siti Tri Joelyartini, Deputy Head of General Affairs Unit (Indonesia) leading the sing-along session, and Mr. Phan The Thang, Deputy Head of Information and Data Unit (Viet Nam) concluding the activities session with the decorating of the “Non La”.

▲ Group photo

▲ Welcoming address and briefing by Mr. Nongchith Khambounheuang

▲ ASEAN Golden Bell Quiz

▲ Sing-along session conducted by Mme. Joelyartini

▲ Making of Non La, by Mr. Phan The Thang

▲ Students decorating Non La

▲ Non La Best Works Award

The ASEAN Hall of the ASEAN-Korea Center conducts the youth visit program with the aim of raising the awareness of ASEAN and ASEAN-Korea partnership among youths from primary school to university student level.

Those who would like to visit the Center may send their inquiries to aseanhall@aseankorea.org or contact the Center by calling +82-2-2287-1177/1145.

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